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About iGREQUE.com

With CIO Business Table as its main venture, iGREQUE.com currently offers various services, including comprehensive consultancy services, global expansion support, as well as global human resource training, IT information provision, and DM marketing services.

CIO Business Table is a membership seminar program that provides CIOs with a place to gain learning and perspective. This is a program that narrows down specific/specialized subjects, and allows main players to enter and listen to the claims of individual companies. Established in 2014, this program celebrates its fourth consecutive year this year, thanks to its popularity among industry CIOs.

Also, based on our ideal of “Japan to the World, World to Japan”, we conduct international business matching, as well as “jtW EXPO” global expansion support services.

This company was founded at the end of 2011, based on the experiences of Yoichiro Yatsurugi, who brings 21 years of experience with his career at IBM Japan, IBM United States headquarters, and the IBM Asia Pacific headquarters, and additionally as the president of WILLCOM and SAP Japan.

Our company name is derived from the French pronunciation of the alphabet letter Y. However, it’s meaning is based on the English: I=Integrity and G=Globalization, in relation to the growing importance of “Discipline”, “Establishment of consistency in business practices”, “Overseas expansion”, and “Internationalization” to future of Japanese companies.

Our aim is to take the exceptional strengths that are unique to Japan, and bring them to the world.


Description of Business

・CIO Business Table(Information service and discussion forum for CIOs)
 →Seminar Achievements:Amazon.com, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Google LLC, IBM, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, SAP SE, Works Application Co., Ltd., etc.
・IT Information Services (Domestic and foreign)
・DM Marketing
・Global Human Resource Training (Characteristics of foreign companies, domestic training for foreign employees)
・Event Planning and Management
■Comprehensive Consultant Business
・Individual Company Management Consultant
・Business Expansion Support
・Business Negotiation with Foreign Corporations
・New Business Launch Support
・Business Consulting Support (Cost control, accounting, production control, procurement, purchasing, etc.)
・Corporate Matching Support
■Global Expansion Support (JTW、WTJ Support)
・Overseas Expansion Support Consultant (Japan to The World)
・Local Onsite Support (ASEAN, U.S.)
・The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Accredited Business (JTW Model Business)

Japan to the World, World to Japan. What does this mean?

Is Japan unique? Is Japan different?
Many Japanese companies have already extended their businesses outside of Japan.
At the same time, equivalent numbers of foreign based companies are flowing in to this country .
Are all of them successful?
If you look at parcel and document delivery services, few peopl e in Japan are using International standard services.
Blackberry did not win a major share at all, its market share has been less than a few percent.
Teleconference has not caught on as a major communication vehicl e, and neither has video conferencing.
SAP is popular , while Oracle is struggling to gain a hold in this market.
Moreover, neither Oracle nor SAP is #1 in the Large Enterprise ERP mark et in Japan.
The Japanese market is healthy and open, but you need to tune i n with some special care.


Delivering Japan’s wealth to the world, delivering the world ’s wealth to Japan.

This company formed in 2011, essentially as a new business. Pulling on the wealth of knowledge and know how of a credible network made up of a number of experienced busine ss men and women who have worked in multinational firms and who have expanded their enterprises in Japan, this com pany continues our efforts in delivering more of Japan’s wealth to the world, as well as introducing the wealth of the world to Japan.
Igreque, Inc. Client Services
• Advice on starting business ventures, as well as settin g up new businesses
• Review of current business practices, and advice on imp roving sales and operations
• Consultation on HR training and cultivating a globalize d workforce
• Consultation on improving profits by restructuring procu rement and purchasing
• Consultation on planning, operating, and managing e-lea rning systems
• Advice on event planning and management
• Advice on personnel strategy and policy institution
• Business matching support
• Advice and support on office set up and remodeling
• Promoting “Japan to the World, World to Japan ”


Please send me an e-mail at info@igreque.com if you have any qu estion.
We do our best to help you for introducing your wealth to Japan .